by Fiona Edwards

Join the national demo & national student meeting on June 21st & 22nd.

On Saturday 21 June tens of thousands of people will be joining the People’s Assembly Against Austerity’s national demonstration through the streets of London to demand an end to austerity. Students will be there in force. We have, after all, got plenty to be angry and shout about.

Austerity for students has meant the trebling of tuition fees, soaring rents, food prices and energy bills, the scrapping of EMA and cuts to vital public services we all rely upon. And with the Tories preparing fresh attacks on students – from the planned privatization of the student loan book to cutting the Disabled Students’ Allowance – it is vital that students are mobilizing nationally on the streets to make our opposition clear and our voices heard.

The day after the national demo – on Sunday 22 June – the Student Assembly Against Austerity is hosting a national meeting to discuss the next steps in the student fight back at SOAS in central London.

This meeting will be a great chance for student activists from across Britain to come together and discuss how we can build a national movement for free education and an end to student debt; how we can stop the government from privatising our student loans; and how we can fight to halt and reverse all cuts to education.

It will be a chance to start discussing a serious battle plan for the autumn term including how the student movement can have the biggest possible impact heading into the 2015 General Election as well as assemble the biggest possible presence on the TUC national demonstration against the cuts on Saturday 18 October.

The national demonstration on Saturday 21 June assembles outside the BBC HQ at 1pm – look out for the Student Assembly Against Austerity banner to join the student bloc.

The national student meeting on Sunday 22 June takes place at SOAS from 11am – 5pm.

Full details can be found on the Facebook event.


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